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Pre Printing

Our experienced graphic design team is ready to provide their customers all kinds of support, in either developing a new design or improving the already existing one.

Flexo Printing

8 colored Cerutti made it possible to achieve perfect, high quality printing results with its HD flakes.

Printing:  Special inks (in accordance with organic food) is used for all flexible package films.

Our machine can print within the range of 1320 mm in width.


The process of lamination is done to provent the ink leak into the product to be packaged, to increase the permeability depending on the product to put in (oxygen, moisture, aroma, light), to enhance endurance and to improve aesthetic qualities of the package. Depending on the qualities of the product, process of lamination can be done either with solvent or without solvent.


There are a number of extruder machines of either seven-storey or three-storey in the extrusion park. Blowing technology made HDPE, LDPE, MDPE film production, PA and/or EVOH-material barrier film production and PP film production in cast (Horizontal) extruder possible.

Cutting and Slicing

Handle, reinforced, shopping, carrier and zipper bags are avaliable. Roll production suitable for filling machines is also possible.